Where are the LED strips suitable for installation in the home?

Led light strips are widely used in home decoration. Every owner has different preferences. As a manufacturer of led light strips, we have found that there are several places in the home that everyone likes most and are most suitable for installation.


1. Bedroom: The lighting design is like putting makeup on the interior, which not only makes the space look elegant and light but also highlights the level of the space. The design of warm colors will make the bedroom warmer. Installing LED strips at the bedside of the bedroom can not only beautify the bedroom but also act as a night light.


2. Living room: LED light strips to surround the ceiling curve, and the bright light is refracted and matched with the open space to make the whole living room brighter. Installing LED light strips in the grooves of the TV background wall can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the space, and even simple lines can show different dynamic beauty.


3. Bathroom: Installing LED light strips around the wall of the bathroom is a very trendy approach. It is simple and beautiful, and it is easier to highlight individuality and style. The LED light strip around the bathroom mirror can create an atmosphere, and secondly, it also provides the basic lighting requirements. If the LED light strip is hidden on the top or around the bathroom mirror, the light projected will no longer have to worry about backlighting and polarization.


4. Kitchen: Although headlights are installed on the top of the kitchen, it is inconvenient for cooking at night to be hidden by shadows. Cutting vegetables and cooking is very inconvenient. Installing LED strips under the wall cabinets as cabinet lights can save these troubles and increase cooking. The warmth of the dishes.


5. Cabinet & Shelf: The LED light strip is installed inside the cabinet to increase the light source. The ingenious combination with the shelf can weaken the enclosed feeling of the space and fully render the exquisite and fashionable indoor atmosphere. Installed at the bottom of the cabinet to illuminate the LED light strips diffusely scattered light through the floor, work and study in the study at night, turn on the LED light strips of the desk lamps and bookcases to play a good lighting role.


6. Stairs: The layout of the LED light strips at the stairs is very clever, or the ground below the steps is hollowed out, and the LED light strips are placed in it to meet the lighting needs of the entire staircase. The LED light strip installed under the handrail of the stairs effectively solves the lighting problem of the stairwell in the dark. It makes the bright space brighter and has the magic power to guide the vision.


7. Aisle: The installation of LED light strips in the aisle changes the original monotonous white wall, which can present a sense of the depth of space. The lighting function of the LED light strip itself is also very practical, illuminating a small area without taking up space.


Of course, according to the reference provided by the LED strip manufacturer above, the specific installation situation should be carried out according to the actual situation of the house.

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