What are the reasons why household led strip lights do not turn on?

During the use of household-led light strips, sometimes it will not light up. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. For example, the led light strips are not well protected or their quality is not ideal. The specific reasons are as follows.


1. Excessive squeezing of the product during the installation of household LED light strips to cause damage to the LED flexible light strip chip or the deformation of the solder joints and do not light up.

2. The solder resist layer of the circuit board of the household LED lamp is too thick, and the solder and the circuit board cannot be completely fused together during soldering, which is also a kind of virtual soldering phenomenon.

3. The solder joints of the household LED light strips have the phenomenon of virtual soldering, and the vibration during transportation causes the solder joints to fall off and cause the light strips to not light up.

4. The amount of solder for household LED lights is small, and the solder joints are easy to fall off.

5. The soldering quality of household LED light strips are not good, and the solder joints of LED flexible light strips are prone to brittle cracks and fall off during the bending process.

6. The packaging protection of household LED light strips is not perfect, causing the lamp beads to be damaged by impact during transportation.

7. The household LED light strip cannot be twisted during installation. If it is twisted, it will cause the solder joints of the LED flexible light strip to fall off and cause no light.

8. The bending angle of the household LED light strip is too large when installing, which causes the solder joint of the LED flexible light strip to separate from the copper foil and cause no light.


The above is the reason why the household led light strip does not turn on, of course, there may be other reasons, and we will summarize them one by one in the follow-up.

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