What are the advantages of Home led strip lights compared with traditional light sources?

When the Home led strip lights factory is being renovated, lighting fixtures are an indispensable part. Owners usually see LED strips in the renovation list, but most owners don’t know what it is. There are two reasons: one is not much contact. Secondly, because the light bar is usually hidden, we can only see its light, but not its figure. In fact, this is the high state of using lights: "see light but not light".

Although the large main lamp in the center of the living room is bright enough, it is not soft enough, and because of the direction of the light, it is easy to form light and shadow on the walls and floor. A warm white color temperature LED light strip with soft light is installed in the ceiling recess, which can not only provide a home theater lighting environment but also create a warm atmosphere. When cutting vegetables in the kitchen, the body blocks the light behind, making people worry about cutting their hands.

In order to solve the problem of insufficient light when cutting vegetables and washing dishes, we can install LED lights on the lower side of the cabinet and directly above the operating table. A small light source can supplement the local lighting of the operating area and create a relaxing space atmosphere. Soothing mood.

Home led strip lights

Today Jadisi will talk to you about the advantages of Home led strip lights compared with traditional light sources in decoration.

1. It is relatively soft and can be bent;

2. It can be cut and connected;

3. Because its bulb and circuit are completely wrapped in soft plastic, it has good insulation and waterproof performance, and is safe to use;

4. It has strong climate adaptability, is not easy to break, has a long service life, and does not need to be replaced frequently;

5. Because it is easier to make graphics and characters, etc., it can achieve the ideal decorative effect during the decoration process;

6. Because of its colorful colors, various colorful colors can be matched with various colors.

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