LED strip installation guide

As a necessary structure at the beginning of the decoration design, the LED light belt needs to be carefully considered when installing, so as to avoid the problems and troubles encountered in the later use. The following are the main points about its installation for your reference.


1. Reserve an empty wire slot

The led strip is usually installed in a hidden slot, and the width of the empty slot needs to be more than 2cm, and everything is mainly in accordance with the standard of the led strip.


2. Reduce obstructions

Because it is a hidden design, it is inevitable to encounter obstructions during the installation process. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the refraction angle of the led strip to expand the utilization rate of light.


3. Avoid the aliasing problem

Improper installation of the led strip is prone to sawtooth problems. Therefore, during the installation process, you need to straighten the position of the light strip in the light trough and keep the light-shielded away from the light trough.


4. The lamp trough is cleaned in place

The light trough is the shelter of the led light belt, and its cleanliness is extremely high during the installation process. Once there is dust, it will affect future use, at least it will affect the service life, and at worst, an open flame will occur. Although the LED strip is only an auxiliary light source in the space, considering its safety, the above points must not be ignored during installation.


When the led light strip interacts with the curved surface, the light is substituted into the wall, ensuring the aesthetic extension of the modeling design, and fully showing the practicality in use. This is why we love the design of light strips. It is no longer presented as a single light source, but as a master of line outlines in the space, framing the space structure one by one, forming a unique piece of art.

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