Jadisi: What is the reason why Home led strip lights are not on?

There are generally two reasons why Home led strip lights do not turn on. One is that all the lights in a strip will not turn on, and the other is that only one section will not turn on. The former kind of reason is probably caused by the power plug falling off and turning off the power. In other words, the power socket of the connector is broken. Check if the power plug is sturdy or not.

The other kind of problem is more common, and the problems caused are likely to be very diverse;

1. The light strip is broken

2. Resistor open welding: The first two are generally caused by excessive distortion and pulling of the light strip during the whole installation process.

3. Resistor burnt out and integrated IC burnt out: Long-term lighting of Home led strip lights causes over-temperature. There is also a possibility that the Led lamp burns out due to the working voltage, and the resistor is worn out due to excessive current or working voltage. The resistor is seriously damaged, so the lamp of the whole meter is not bright. This is very obvious. Generally, there will be burnt marks. You can take a closer look.

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