Jadisi: What is a low-voltage LED light strip?

Indoor led strip ligh is often used to select the contours of various buildings, build large lighting patterns, various indoor decorations, communities, family beautification and other lighting decorations. According to the difference between the use of the LED light strip and the requirements of the light strip, there are two kinds of high-voltage LED light strips and low voltage LED lamps. High-voltage LED light strips are also known as AC belts, low voltage LED light strips are also known as DC belts. Today, LED Light Belt Manufacturers Jadisi will take you to know what is low voltage LED light strip?

The low-voltage LED light strip is the main ply-bead plate mentioned in the high-voltage lamp strip, and different external materials have formed a lot of different types.

Includes the following : 

Pulling: Similar to the practice of high-pressure light strips, rack the resin or transparent PVC plastics on the upper and lower left and sides of the lamp beads. This can achieve a good level of protection, available outdoors.

Indoor led strip ligh

Casing: Glove the bareboard lamp with a rectangular transparent silicone casing, both sides are sealing it with a silica gel. Because silica gel relative to the resin and PVC, there is a better performance: more temperature, more stable, excellent back elasticity, small deformation, high insulation. Moreover, the sealing cannula light strip can be used in the outdoor scene, and even the IP67 protection level.

Silicone: Similar to the sleeve, but it is wrapped with a more thick two-color silicone. White silica gel is used to block the circuit board and bring a more beautiful appearance. Milk white silica gel is used to transpare, which makes a portable LED light becomes soft, becoming a coherent light band, and also has all the excellent features of the casing light strip, so it is good quality. One of the lamp strips.

The hard light strip: Generally speaking, there are two hard lamps, one is the material itself is not a flexible plate, but a glass fiberboard or an aluminum substrate. Therefore, there is no free bending function of the flexible panel, which is generally used in line with the scene. Alternatively, the flexible lamp tape bare plate is pasted onto aluminum profiles, which generally also matches a soft light PC cover to achieve a more uniform, more soft effect.

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