Jadisi:range of Indoor led strip ligh

Indoor led strip ligh refers to the assembly of LEDs on a strip-shaped FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, which is named after the product shape is like a strip. Because of its long service life (generally 80 to 100,000 hours in normal life), energy saving and environmental protection, it gradually emerged in various decoration industries.

There are two common types of LED strip structures: one is a common type, one is a series-parallel circuit structure; the other is a series-parallel circuit structure. The other is a combination type, which is a structure used by magic light strips, which contains integrated circuits and timing control circuits.

The application range of Indoor led strip ligh is very wide. As follows:

1. Home decoration (stairway lighting, corridor lighting, lighting decoration, trimming decoration);

Indoor led strip ligh
2. Path description and exterior wall decoration, billboard backlight, advertising signs, channel signal signs, etc.;

3. Contours of buildings, pavilions, bridges, park squares, architectural lighting decoration, various indoor and outdoor lighting projects;

4. Application of decorative lighting for holiday decoration, event venue layout, exhibition venue decoration, exhibition hall decoration, display cabinets, showcases, props, etc.;

5. Car chassis decoration, good brake indicator, body decoration, interior decoration.

Both LED strips and multi-channel LED applications require a constant voltage input, usually 60V. Usually used for main lighting, each LED string or channel requires an LED driver IC. Generally, linear LED driver ICs are suitable for LED currents up to 250mA, while switch-mode LED driver ICs are suitable for higher LED driver currents. Applications that use linear LED driver ICs require ICs with low voltage overhead so that as many LEDs as possible can be connected in series. Therefore, the LED board can improve efficiency and reduce thermal overload-these are two characteristics required by the market.

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