Jadisi: LED lights with "fog water" problem

The Home led strip lights have a problem with its fog because it will cause water droplets and fog in the inner cavity of the housing after it has been illuminated for a period of time. LED lamps are generally assembled from several different types of raw materials. For example, L and Led lamps will cause a certain amount of heat during work. The linear expansion coefficients of different raw materials are different. After long-term application, different raw materials will be connected. When used in an environment with high ambient humidity, the temperature inside and outside the lamp cover will be different. The heated vapor inside the lamp cover will be cold at the lamp cover. After re-illuminating for a period of time, this situation will subside. Therefore, the cold and humid environment is also an element that endangers the service life of the LED strip.

Application rules and maintenance methods of LED strips:   



  1. After buying the lamps, you should not be busy installing them. Read the installation instructions carefully, and then follow the installation instructions to follow the good lamps, otherwise there may be risks.
  2. During cleaning and maintenance, do not modify the structure of the lamp, nor change the components of the lamp casually. After maintenance, the lamp should be installed in the original state, and many lamp parts have been installed or incorrectly installed.
  3. When using lamps and lanterns as infrequently as possible, the power switch is as infrequently as possible. Although the power switch frequency of LED lamps is about 18 times that of ordinary fluorescent tubes, excessive frequency will still endanger the service life of the internal electronic components of the LED lamp, thereby endangering the service life of the lamp. .

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