Jadisi: Indoor led strip light creates a new home with high value

In today's home improvement, many designers use light strips to add to the overall look. Indoor Led strip light is to use LED lights and a special process to solder on the copper wire, and then connect to the power supply, because the shape is like a belt, it is called a light strip. Light strips make the home look more romantic, so how to properly use the layered beauty of the space given by the light strips? Below, the editor of Jadisi will share with you a few installation locations that will make the room more advanced, hurry up and learn to decorate your new home!

1、Indoor LED light strip installation-top surface

Installing light strips in the suspended ceiling is a very popular decoration method in modern home decoration. It can quickly increase the layering of the suspended ceiling. Through the contrast of light and dark, it creates a combination of movement and static. This ceiling with light strips makes it more fashionable and atmospheric.

2. Indoor LED light belt installation-cabinet

Indoor led strip light
The cabinets are often dark and do not look three-dimensional. Installing light strips in the cabinets can quickly reduce the sense of closed space and the sense of violation. When you open the cabinet, you no longer feel the darkness inside the cabinet and affect your vision, and you feel very warm instantly in your heart.

3. Indoor LED light belt installation-kitchen

Many families did not expect to install light strips in the kitchen cabinets. In fact, the design of light strips in this area is very reasonable. The light allows cooks to cut vegetables and pick up the seasoning more quickly and accurately, and the small light strips help cooking People make more delicious food.

4. Indoor Led strip light belt installation—bathroom

The bathroom mirror is marked with a circle of hidden lights, or some interesting geometric figures are outlined, which very highlight the young people's personality and style. And most importantly, the self in the mirror has become more beautiful, with the perfect effect of self-portrait lighting.

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