Jadisi: How to wire Home led strip lights

We often use a variety of lamps in our daily lives, and the wiring methods of different lamps are also different, so how to connect Home led strip lights? Today, the editor of Jadisi will talk to you in detail.

How to wire Home led strip lights:

1. Welding method

First, find out whether the lamp uses high-voltage or low-voltage electricity. Normally, considering safety, the light strip will be equipped with low-voltage electricity. Then select the required LED light bar, and then check the two dots in every three lamp beads on the light strip. Just solder the wire to the dot.

Home led strip lights

2. Terminal connection

First, connect all the lamp beads in parallel with a lot of resistors. This kind of lamp strip should be equipped with 12 volt DC power. Connect the two output wires of the DC power supply to the corresponding lamp strip positive and negative wire ports, and then plug the power cord into the socket. Yes, but it can also be powered by a 12-volt battery pack.

3. Driver wiring method

First connect the lamp beads of the light strip in series, and then equip it with a driver. Insert the two pins of the driver plug into the cores of the two leads of the light strip according to the proper polarity, and then connect the power plug of the driver. Just plug it into a 220-volt power outlet at home.

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