Jadisi: How to install LED strips correctly

        How to install the Jadisi Led light strip correctly:

  1. First clarify the length to be installed, and then take an integer extraction. Since this type of light strip is a module of one meter, it is not easy to harm the power circuit if it is disconnected from the cut. If you break it casually, a module will not light up. For example: If the length of 7.5 meters is necessary, the light strip needs to be cut 8 meters.
  2. Connect the power plug. The LED itself is a diode and is driven by a DC power supply, so there are positive and negative. If the power plug is not lit, only the other end of the light strip must be removed.
  3. The placement of the light strip. The light strip is packaged in a reel. The newly disassembled light strip will be distorted and not easy to install. It can be sorted and leveled first, and then it can be placed in the light strip. Because the light strip is a single layer of light, if it is not leveled, the light-dark boundary line will be uneven, especially at the corners. 4. Light strip lover, there is a professional buckle for the light strip light strip installation on the sales market, called the light strip lover, the application will further improve the installation rate and actual effect.

        How to install the Jadisi Led light strip? :1. When the LED light strip is in one roll, please do not illuminate the light strip. 2. Only cut at the place where the scissor logo is printed on the light arm of the light strip, otherwise it will cause a module to not light up. 3. When installing, please bend the light strip to one side, expose 2-3MM copper core wire, and cut it neatly with cutting pliers, do not leave burrs to prevent short circuit failure.

  1. To install the LED light strip in severe cold temperature, you can plug in the power for a few minutes to loosen the light body for easy bending, and then turn off the power for installation.
  2. Do not use the express switching power supply during the whole process of installing or installing the light belt. Only connect the switch power supply when it is properly installed and properly installed.
  3. Do not use heavy equipment during the whole process of installation and application. The object hits the led tube, and it vibrates when it hits it.
  4. The tail of the led tube must be tightly glued with a tail plug before putting it on.
  5. Only two LED tubes with the same specifications and models and the same working voltage can be connected in series, and the total length of the series cannot exceed the approved application level.
  6. The sockets must be sturdy and free from short-circuit failure safety hazards. When installing outdoors, the joints must be sealed with structural glue or other appropriate methods to ensure that the joints see water.
  7. Can not be installed in water, inflammable, flammable and explosive natural environment, it is necessary to ensure that the natural environment is well ventilated.
  8. Install and fix it. Do not use metal composite materials such as thin iron wires to tightly tie the led tube to prevent the thin iron wire from being trapped in the led tube, causing short damage to the led tube.
  9. The power supply voltage should be the same as that of the LED lamp, and proper safety devices should be installed. 13. During the whole process of LED tube application, do not wrap it up with everything to cover the LED tube. 14. When you find that the body of the led tube is damaged, please cut off this part immediately, and can't apply it again to prevent risk. 15. If you want actual effects such as flashing, water flow, etc., please use the LED control panel.

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