Jadisi:How to install and design the new house light belt?

When installing Indoor led strip ligh in a new house, a well-outlined outline can increase the layering of the indoor environment. With the shape of the light strip, the simple house structure will also have amazing effects. There is also a very good light strip. The important role is to play the role of adjusting the atmosphere. For example, the use of light strips in the bedroom is also very sensuous, creating a warm and suitable environment and atmosphere to enhance the comfort of the occupants. In addition to being installed under the bed, the light strip can also be installed on the background wall. The following summarizes the common installation positions of the light strip.

1. Shoe cabinet installation light belt: The shoe cabinet at the entrance hall is equipped with an induction light belt. When you enter the door at night, the light belt will automatically light up, giving people a sense of homecoming.

2. Cabinet light belt: most people in the kitchen only install a ceiling lamp, sometimes when cutting vegetables, there will be a little backlight, can not see the meat or vegetables on the cutting board, so it is better to install it under the top of the cabinet A light strip, so that when cutting vegetables, the light strip can be turned on, so that it can be very clear.

Indoor led strip ligh

3. Light strips installed on side cabinets: Light strips installed on side cabinets are actually just to look good, because besides meeting the storage function of side cabinets, such a large cabinet is placed on the dining room, so we must always consider the value of appearance, so If you want the cabinet at home to look better, it is recommended to add a light strip locally.

4. Bathroom mirror and light strip: If the mirror above the bathroom cabinet in your home does not have a light, the manufacturer of the light strip suggests that you can add a light strip to the bottom of the mirror, so that when you need to make up, you can enhance the lighting and the mirror The top is equipped with lights, and I feel that the looks are also very high.

5. Install a light strip at the bottom of the bed: Sometimes you will get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. If the lighting arrangement in the room is unreasonable, you will suddenly turn on a particularly bright light and you will not be able to adapt at once, so you can install a light strip at the bottom of the bed. , The light of the light strip is very soft, and at the same time it does not directly hit the eyes, and the light strip can illuminate the space on the ground, so it is a good choice.

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