Jadisi: How to choose Indoor led strip ligh?

When decorating a new home, ceilings are usually hung. First, it looks hierarchical and three-dimensional, and secondly, it can hide some beams! To highlight the ceiling and create a warm living environment, ceiling lights and Indoor led strip lighs are also installed. When choosing the Indoor led strip ligh around the ceiling, how did you choose? What are the precautions? How to install it? Today, the light strip manufacturer Antarctic Lighting will have a specific talk with you.

Precautions for purchasing Indoor led strip ligh:

1. An integral part of Indoor led strip ligh, there are lamp beads-guide plate-wire-glue-resistance-wire-accessories.

Indoor led strip ligh

When purchasing, pay attention to choosing regular big brands, so that the quality can be well guaranteed (the width of the light strip guide should be 6 mm or more when buying, and the guide plate below 6 mm will cause the light strip because the width of the circuit board is not enough. Generates a lot of heat and poses a serious safety hazard, so pay attention to the width of the light strip's guide plate when buying.)

2. When cutting the light strip, pay attention to it. There are special scissors mouths. The light strips are generally one meter per loop. There is usually a 1 cm gap in the entire meter. The special scissors mouth needs to be cut from the scissors mouth. .

3. The Indoor led strip ligh has accessories. The accessories generally have cross-current plugs (which must be used for the transformer light strips), line cards (plastic clips for fixing the light strips) and tail plugs (plastic sleeves to protect the tail of the light strips) Ask the merchant when you buy the light strip, otherwise it won’t work if you miss the accessories.

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