Jadisi: Take you to create a superior bedroom

Are you tired of using the same decoration around the house? Or do you want to add some lights around your house? With Jadisi LED strips, you can do just that. They are best for illuminating your house, and have a variety of music modes and lighting modes. Now, you can use these exciting, dancing Home led strip lights to set the mood you want. The features you will see below will help you understand the ease and comfort that can be brought by using these LED lights, so that you can transform your home with lights.

50-foot-long LED strip
The Jadisi LED strip is 50 feet long and very flexible. You can extend it to cover the entire room, not just a part of the room. You only need one LED strip to get the overall lighting and lighting of the entire room, so you don't have to worry about how to illuminate different parts of the room.

16 million RGB color LED lights
LED lights emit RGB colors, and they can change according to mood. The Jadisi LED strip can display 16 million colors in different moods such as romance, party, and relaxation. You can control the brightness and color of the LED strip through the remote control or APP.

Home led strip lights

Easy installation
Jadisi LED strips are flexible and easy to install on any wall in your room. The Jadisi LED strip has a self-adhesive back, you only need to peel off the lining and install the LED strip on any surface.

Cuttable and linkable
The Jadisi LED strip light can be easily cut along the mark with just a pair of scissors. You can cut the strip according to the required length. Join them easily and see the arrows on each strip face each other.

Complete kit
The Jadisi LED strip comes with a complete installation kit, allowing you to install the light in a few minutes. The kit comes with LED light bar, AC power adapter, remote control and controller. You do not need to use screws or special wiring. Everything you need to light up the house is included in this kit.

Indoor led strip ligh

Easy to control
Jadisi LED strips are equipped with HappyLighting application, remote control or infrared controller. Using the IR (infrared) controller, you can change the speed of the LED lights, change the color, and adjust the brightness. The 24-key remote control allows you to select the music mode, change the color, speed and brightness. The HappyLighting app allows you to adjust the music mode, microphone, change the sound and the rhythm of the music.

Dimmable LED light
Jadisi Home led strip lights can be dimmed to reduce the brightness. They are DIY, so you can make unique colors and set them in your room. Brightness control allows you to set the RGB light mode to set according to your needs. They have different lighting modes such as jumping, fading in and out, flashing, etc., so you can set them according to your mood and occasion.

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