Jadisi: How to choose and buy Home led strip lights?

The led light strip can create a romantic and warm atmosphere and add beautiful colors to the indoor space. Appropriate use of led lights to decorate our home will have unexpected effects. So, How to choose and buy Home led strip lights?

1. Surface cleanliness is also an important purchase method. The production process of LED light strips is SMT, and the surface of the light strips produced by SMT is extremely clean without any stains and impurities. And if it is not produced by SMT, it is inevitable that there will be obvious cleaning marks and residual stains. It will be even worse if it is a handmade product.

2. A good LED light strip is manufactured using solder paste and reflow soldering process, so the solder joints on the light strip are smooth and the number is not too large. The shape of the solder joints is generally arc-shaped, and the amount of solder is very uniform. Such products are proved to be produced by formal technology. The cleavage solder joints are round or have tin tips, and the amount of solder is uneven, indicating that it is soldered by hand.

Home led strip lights

3. There are two types of FPC for LED strips: rolled copper and copper-clad. The rolled copper and FPC are connected together, so random bending will not cause the pad to fall off. The copper foil on the copper-clad board is protruding, and the connection point can be seen with the naked eye. If it is bent too much, the pad will fall off. When purchasing, choose a light strip made of calendered copper technology.

4. If the above methods are too troublesome for everyone, then use the short answer method to buy branded products. Brand products are produced by regular large-scale manufacturers, with advanced production equipment, exquisite production technology, products have qualified certificates, and the supporting accessories are also very complete. Of course it is more worry-free to use.

The Jadisi brand has its own production factory, and every led strip has been strictly tested, which can bring you a very good experience in terms of quality and function.

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