Jadisi:How long is the life of Indoor led strip lights?

With the long-term accumulation of use time and the erosion of the sun and rain or the use of the limit life, we will feel that Indoor led strip lights are not as bright as before. This is the most commonly used term in the lighting industry—— Light attenuation, the physical phenomenon of light attenuation is an inevitable problem for lights, just like life, sickness and old age, and each Indoor led strip lights also has a service life.

For example, in the outdoor environment, the daily sunshine, wind and rain are the inevitable factors for the decrease of the brightness of LED street lamps. This is the same reason. In addition to the inevitable conditional factors, there are also human factors.

Generally, the service life of light-emitting diodes is about 50,000 hours. Under the thinking of ordinary people, there are a total of 50,000 hours of life. If the lights are turned on from 6pm to 12am, there are only 365 days a year, only 6 hours a year, and only 2190 hours a year. Isn't that 23 years?

Back to the topic, but this is only the theoretical data of the laboratory. In the actual use of indoor led strip lights manufacturers, the service life of the light strip is not calculated by mathematical multiplication and division. Wrong use will speed up the light attenuation time.

In addition, during the installation process, installers often hope to save installation time and ease installation. If the lamp power supply is not installed in accordance with the number of LED line lights known by the manufacturer, multiple overload lights will often be connected in series, which will cause the voltage and current of the LED line lights to be unstable and seriously damage the life of the LED line lights. According to market feedback, the lifespan of general outdoor LED lights is mostly 2 to 3 years, and may reach 5 to 6 years, but the longer the time, the lower the brightness of the LED lights. Here we recommend the LED strips of the Nanjiguang brand to provide you with high-tech, high-quality products and strong quality assurance.

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