Jadisi:Home led strip lights flashing why

As a lighting product, Home led strip lights can create a unique atmosphere for our house. The light strip is named after its shape. When it shines like a light strip, it can make our home look more classy. So, what causes the light strip to flicker?

Check whether the plug and socket are in normal use, replace the plug or socket, and check whether the power supply is normal. The problem of the power supply drive may be that the output voltage of the drive is inconsistent with the drive voltage of the LED strip. The power drive is damaged internally, and a new matching drive needs to be replaced. It may be that the AC to DC converter inside the high voltage plug is broken.

Home led strip lights
Most of the LED lights actually flicker, but their frequency exceeds the frequency 24HZ recognized by the human eye! The frequency of camera recognition is not this. Why does it flicker when shooting? If you want to solve it completely, you must replace the LED driver with DC, DC, and DC inside. If you use it, try to enlarge the aperture, the shutter becomes faster, and you should not see flickering in the result of shooting.

What is the reason for the flickering of the light strip? This situation may be caused by the plug and socket. We can first check whether these things are in normal use. Try to replace a plug or socket or it may drive the output voltage to be relatively low. So it is enough to solve these reasons. We recommend Nanjiguang brand light strips to provide you with high-tech, high-quality products and strong quality assurance.

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