Jadisi: Home led strip lights daily purchase selection steps and methods

After several years of rapid development of Home led strip lights, there are a variety of led strip lights on the market, the quality of which varies from good to bad. In the purchase and use, consumers should keep their eyes open and choose the right high-quality light strips, and remember not to covet small prices. Today, the editor of Jadisi, a manufacturer of led strip lights, summarized a few tips for home improvement for reference, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

one. You can look at the color when choosing

From the color point of view, LED lights to have a variety of light colors, white, warm white (light yellow light), yellow blue, and so on. In theory, LEDs can call out many colors. At present, there are only a few mainstream colors. Because there are many factors that affect the color of light, the color temperature produced by different batches of light strips will have some deviations. For example, warm white is divided into 3000K and 4000K color temperature, white is close to the color of sunlight and cool white, etc., with a slight color difference. In-home decoration and daily use, it is basically warm white, because warm white reflects the warm environment, the bright white is bright, and the blue is fashionable. The light color can be selected according to your own preferences and the style of home decoration.

Home led strip lights

Second. look at the model when choosing

1. There are many types of light strips in the market, there are flat three-wire, yuan two-wire, flat four-wire, led light strip, and so on. Because the led light belt is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, long-lived, pollution-free, and economical. And other advantages have occupied the main position of home improvement. Therefore, when choosing the light strip, you should use the led light strip (the lamp bead type is SMD). The commonly used model of LED light strips is 5050. 5050 light strips mean that the chip length and width of the light strip are 5 mm. Because the 5050 chip is much larger than the 3528 chip, the brightness of the 5050 is also 70% higher than that of the 3528. about.

2. Home led strip lights can be divided into 60 beads, 72 beads, 68 beads, 90 beads, etc. according to the number of lamp beads. Common specifications. In the daily purchase, you can choose the corresponding specifications according to the size of the installation space and the purpose of use. If the home decoration is wine cabinet decoration, counter decoration, you can choose 3528-60 beads if the brightness is not high, and 3508-68 beads gold version can be used for rooms of about 8-15 square meters, or 5050-60 It is recommended to use 5050-upgrade (72 beads) for rooms with classic beads of 15 square meters or more, so as to keep the room's moderate brightness and light more coordinated.

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