How to install LED lights in the bedroom more comfortable?

The bedroom is a place to relax and rest after a busy day. Everyone has different requirements for bedroom decoration. The led light belt can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom wall, how to set it more comfortable? It takes some planning to get the most relaxing lighting. Fortunately, these techniques are easy to use. Most bedrooms have the main ceiling lamp and bedside lamp, but how to use them will bring as much light as possible.


Bedroom led lights: ceiling lights

Overhead lights in the bedroom may be practical, but because of their functionality, they cannot always help you settle down before going to bed. If you choose to use overhead lighting, the smartly concealed spotlight can lower the brightness, especially in warmer colors, which can softly illuminate the entire space. A single luminaire suspended from the ceiling can produce the same effect, just make sure it has diffuse shadows to get a softer light.


Bedroom led lights: relaxing bedside lights

The bedside lamp not only has a function but also can set bedtime. Having a smart bedside table lamp means you can customize the lighting according to your sleep schedule. Read a book or end your night routine in a way tailored to you without disturbing others.


Other types of bedroom lights

When lighting your bedroom for the best relaxation effect, you are not limited to overhead lamps and desk lamps. Add a floor lamp to bring the soft glow to a darker corner, or place a dimmable smart table lamp on the dressing table to achieve subtle accent lighting. Old-fashioned smart LED bulbs look chic without a lampshade and can be dimmed to low light.


Bedroom led lights: the most relaxing light color

The color temperature is measured on a Kelvin scale. Daylight and fluorescent lighting are rated between 4000 K and 6500 K and are considered cold light. Candles and traditional 40-watt light bulbs have a rated power between 1500 K and 2600 K and are considered warm light.


The contrast between cool and warm light

Light with a higher Kelvin (K) is best used to help you stay awake and focused, while light with a lower Kelvin is better for relaxation. You may already be familiar with this concept from your smartphone because many companies are implementing night mode to provide warmer colors for their devices. But how does this work? Light affects us in many ways, including physically. Melatonin is a hormone that helps us fall asleep. It is vital to our internal biological clock and is affected by ambient light. White light and blue light have a particularly strong effect on our melatonin levels: cold light inhibits the production of hormones, making us feel more alert and energetic.

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