How to distinguish the quality of LED strips?

Regarding the identification of the quality of LED strips, this is difficult to grasp. Many LED strip manufacturers have different production standards and different prices. As a LED strip manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, we share the following tips.


1. The brightness of LED lamp beads

The brightness of the light strip made of poor lamp beads is relatively low because the quality of the LED lamp bead light-emitting chip determines that the brightness of the made LED lamp bead is not high. Those chips are inferior goods with a cost of 1-2 cents, and the problem comes after a period of use, leakage (dead light). The characteristics of things made by genuine chips are high brightness and stable performance, but the price will be high.


2. FPC board quality

FPC boards are divided into double-sided boards and single-sided boards. Needless to say, double-sided boards are definitely better than single-sided boards, which are mainly reflected in the thermal conductivity. The quality is definitely more stable and the corresponding price is higher.


3. Cleanliness of solder joints and surface

The LED strips produced by regular LED strip manufacturers are produced using SMT patch technology, solder paste, and reflow soldering processes. Therefore, the solder joints on the LED strip are relatively smooth and the amount of solder is not too much. The solder joints extend from the FPC pad to the LED electrode in a circular arc shape.


4. Color temperature difference

Regarding the color temperature difference, because the LED chip is debugged by the lamp bead manufacturers, there will be some deviations. The color temperature difference is normal. However, the LED strips produced by the regular LED strip manufacturers are basically invisible to the naked eye in the same batch. . The color temperature difference of the same batch of inferior manufacturers is obvious.


5. Material

The high-pressure lamp belt basically uses PVC material, and regular manufacturers will use domestic environmental protection materials, which are basically tasteless. Informal manufacturers use secondary recycled PVC materials, which will have a great plastic smell during production. Low-voltage lamps with sleeves, regular manufacturers will use silicone sleeves, and non-standard manufacturers use PVC sleeves. From here, the price varies greatly.


6. Packaging

Regular LED light strips will be packaged in anti-static coils, usually 5 meters per roll or 10 meters per roll, and then sealed with anti-static and moisture-proof packaging bags on the outside. The counterfeit version of the LED light belt will use the recycled reel for cost-saving, and then there is no anti-static and moisture-proof packaging bag. If you look closely at the reel, you can see that there are marks and scratches left by the removal of the label on the outside.

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