Home led strip lights "fake and broken" causes and solutions

With the development of landscape lighting, Home led strip lights have gradually emerged in the lighting industry due to their long service life (usually 80 to 100,000 hours) and green environmental protection. It has become the new favorite of lighting engineering construction. Then in the actual installation and use process, sometimes fake and bad LED strips appear, that is, the LED strips are often said to be off.

So what is the reason for this phenomenon?

1. Exhausted static electricity

Since the LED is an electrostatic sensitive component, if the anti-static work is not done well in the production process, the LED chip will be burned out due to static electricity, resulting in false damage to the LED strip.


Home led strip lights

2. High temperature damage

The high temperature resistance of LED is not good. Therefore, in the process of production and maintenance, if the welding temperature and welding time of the LED are not well controlled, the LED chip will be damaged due to ultra-high temperature or continuous high temperature, resulting in false damage to the LED strip.

3. Moisture erupts under high temperature

If the LED package is exposed to the air for a long time, it will absorb moisture. If there is no dehumidification before use, due to the high temperature and long time during reflow soldering, the humidity in the LED package will be heated and expanded, causing the LED package to burst and indirectly lead to overheating and damage to the LED chip.

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