Demystify those tips for choosing 50ft led light strips

Generally, how to choose 50ft led light strips and other light strips of different lengths for general home decoration and commercial places. I believe that these scenes make a lot of cute people very scratching their heads. Now follow in the footsteps of the editor. Let's take a look at how to choose LED strips in daily life. Jadisi will take you to reveal the tips for choosing 50ft led light strips!

  1. The light should be uniform

        The brightness between the lamp beads and the lamp beads must be consistent, which is related to the quality of the LED lamp beads. Usually, we quickly judge the method: use your eyes! Observe at night, turn on the light strip to observe the brightness of the light strip, and the effect of changing light rhythm and lighting! The brightness of the light strips should be consistent at the beginning and the end, which is related to the voltage drop of the LED light strips.

        The LED light strip needs to be driven by a power supply to emit light. When the voltage drop of the LED driving power supply is relatively large, the brightness of the end and the end of the LED light strip that is connected for too long will be inconsistent.

  1. the light color must be consistent



        Light color consistency is also a parameter that tests the quality of an LED lamp with lamp beads. Judgment method: look directly at the light strip, or find a piece of white paper, vertically close to the light-emitting surface of the LED, you can basically judge whether the light color of the light strip is the same. It is the most intuitive to see with eyes.

  1. The color rendering index must be greater than 80

        The color rendering problem of 50ft led light strips is not very important when the product is applied to indirect lighting lamp troughs, but when applied to large-area luminous ceilings as basic lighting or used in showcases as display lighting, The color rendering index Ra>80 is a requirement that a professional LED strip must meet. This is also the requirement of the national standard GB50034-2013.

  1. the light band should be continuous

        The continuity of the light band is an important consideration for the effect of the lighting designer, which requires the entire light band to ensure no broken areas and shadows. Usually, whether we are indoors or outdoors, the light strips are equipped with continuity. If it is not continuous, there will be intermittent and looming feelings in the lighting effect, which will affect the overall effect, so everyone must remember when buying light strips. Measure the length of the light strip that needs to be installed, and buy a suitable light strip distance!

        5., the connection and installation should be convenient

        When used in a lamp trough, the space of the light trough is relatively small. If wiring and fixed installation operations are required, it is really the life of the installer. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a light strip product that can be fast-plugged and quickly connected without tools, and directly snap-fitted. Usually, the installation steps and methods of this type of product are relatively simple:

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