Can LED strips replace traditional LED lamps?

LED light strips have become an indispensable lighting product in our lives. Can it really replace traditional Led lamps? In my opinion, everything is possible.


Led light strips can not only realize the design of special-shaped light but also can replace the traditional main light to achieve the effect of "invisible light". At this stage, LED light strips are mainly used for modeling light, dark light, environmental scene lighting, etc. The current LED light strips on the market are generally composed of FPC cards or individually connected components. Tongfang Lighting uses all-copper rollers to create a corrosion-free PCB process, fully automatic production process, no segmented connection, and higher flexibility. At the same time, a large chip LED light source is used, which has the characteristics of high light output and stability.


LED lights provide you with a different night lighting experience. Since the advent of LED light strips, their functions and features have been loved and favored by users at all levels, especially LED light strips can not only be folded, bent, but also can be tied to anything.


Although the main light in the middle of the living room is bright enough, it is not soft enough. Due to the direction of the light, it is easy to produce shadows on the walls and floors. A soft and warm white LED light strip is installed in the ceiling bathtub, which not only provides a lighting environment for the home theater but also creates a warm atmosphere.


The LED light strip is to welds the LED light with special processing ability to the copper wire or the flexible printed circuit board, and then turns on the power to light up. It gets its name because it shines like a light strip. Each LED strip must be equipped with a special connector (with a transformer). When connecting, you must remove the transparent plastic cover, then connect and turn off the test light. Do not connect directly to the cover, as this will easily cause a short circuit.

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