5 usage scenarios of Jadis led light strips

Led light strips are ubiquitous in life. They can set off different atmospheres in different scenes. They can be colorful or quiet. Set the light change mode in advance to experience different lighting effects. As a leader in the led light strips industry, Jadis's products are naturally very attractive. Let's understand from 5 application scenarios below.


1. Whole house installation. This kind of lighting effect can make your whole house sparkle. From the visual effect, it will also make people feel that your house is very big. Among the many nearby houses, it is definitely your house. The most dazzling.

2. In sleep mode, set the time when your lights are turned on and off through the APP in advance. If you like to sleep with the lights on, it is recommended that you set the off time of the led light strips to one hour after you start to sleep so that when you fall asleep, the lights will automatically turn off, which can save power and will not affect your sleep. . Then set the light strip to turn on when you wake up in the morning. When you wake up in the morning, the light is automatically turned on, and you can see your favorite light color when you open your eyes so that the mood of the day is good.

3. Dancers’ partners, people who like to dance, have higher requirements for the environment, and they need dynamic music, lighting effects, etc. Jadisi led light strips can set the frequency of light flashing according to your needs. If you need a fast-paced dance, you only need to adjust the frequency of light flashing to the fastest. Accompanied by dynamic music, the whole environment definitely makes you want to jump.

4. Family gatherings. When you invite friends to the house for gatherings, you will make your home very clean in advance. This is respect for your friends. An interesting party is also indispensable for the atmosphere. At this time, the led light strips can play a very good role. Install the led light strips in advance behind the TV, under the table, in the corner, behind the sofa, etc., and adjust the light to pink-purple to make the light at home very Warm.

5. The use of led light strips in different rooms at home. The first is the living room. Generally, the led light strips are installed on the ceiling and the four corners of the wall, giving a feeling of spaciousness. The second is the kitchen, which is also dominated by the installation of the ceiling. The installation of led light strips in the bedroom and TV background wall is similar. They are simple to install led light strips on the corners. Don't install too many, avoid being too fancy.

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