Jadisi:Did you choose the right indoor led light strips?

Speaking of indoor led light strips, its application is very clever and common. Because it can be curled and soft like a wire, it can also be cut and extended without breaking easily. At the same time, the light can be adjusted, the color change can be controlled, and the effects of monochrome and RGB can be selected. The atmosphere it creates can be bright, fresh, and have visual extension effects. Today I want to talk to you about the experience of how to choose durable light strips.

  1. Look at the control chip

LED is a device that works with a stable current. Therefore, a major culprit of conventional high-voltage lamps with deadlights is the lack of constant current control modules, which allows LEDs to work under valley-shaped fluctuating voltages. The instability of the mains will further aggravate the burden of LEDs. In turn, the conventional high-pressure lamp belt is prone to failures such as deadlights. Therefore, a good light strip needs a good chip stable current.



  1. Look at the material

Another major culprit of conventional high-pressure lamps with dead lamps is that the high temperature of the outsourcing materials releases harmful and destructive elements, which affects the blackening of the LEDs and causes further light decay and dead lamp beads. The temperature-resistant flame-retardant material can effectively protect the internal components, and the reliability and stability are significantly improved.

  1. Look at the lamp beads

Use a DC voltage regulator to adjust the voltage to about 6-8V, and you can find that each lamp bead is uniformly bright, indicating that the consistency of the lamp bead is better and thus to ensure that the brightness of the lamp strip is uniform and there will be no bright and dark spots between light and dark.

  1. Look at the details

Wrap indoor led light strips around your fingers. Normally, they can still light up normally. If they are folded into this curvature, the lamp beads or resistors will be unsoldered; whether copper core wires are used; whether the circuit board wiring is regular, etc., from the details See also product quality.

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